Matthew Lamons

Keynote Speaker 1

The Future of AI, IoT, & Edge Computing in HealthCare

Matthew Lamons’ background is in ex-perimental behavioral psychology and deep learning. 

Matthew is the Founder / Managing Di-rector of The Intelligence Factory.  The AI Advisory & Solutions company you partner with to MakeSmart™ - Deci-sions, Applications, & Teams.  Building the company with the world’s Chief Data Scientist Experts from Aerospace, Consumer, Technology, Financial Ser-vices, Healthcare, Manufacturing, & Retail. 

Author of Python Deep Learning Projects: 9 projects demystifying neural network and deep learning models for building intelligent systems.  Collab-orating with his data science team-mates at The Intelligence Factory Rahul Kumar and Abhishek Nagaraja on computer vision & computational linguis-tics technologies to build: NLP Pipelines & Chatbots, Speech Recognition, Facial Recognition, 3D Pose Estimation, Autonomous Agents & Reinforce-ment Learning, Object detection & Classification, Semantic Labeling, em-ploying the latest Deep Learning Technologies of Generative Adversarial Networks, RNN, LSTM, CNN, DeepSpeech2, TensorFlow, and Keras mod-els deployed in Google Cloud Platform using the Google Compute Engine.

Matthew founded Skejul inc. to remove the friction of coordinating meet-ings, appointments, and social activities for people and enterprises. By leveraging his deep network in the data science community, the Skejul AI platform and API is being built eliminate the guesswork of getting together making it quick, easy, and totally secure and was named by Gartner, Inc. a “Cool Vendor” in the “Cool Vendors in Unified Communication, 2017” re-port. 

Matthew is a thought leader in AI and Deep Learning, building a data sci-ence community of over 95,000 including University Researchers exploring Artificial Intelligence, Applied Data Scientists, and machine learning engi-neers creating cutting edge applications in IoT & Edge Computing, financial forecasting, Robotics, Autonomous Vehicles, Marketing Tech, Healthcare and advanced speech technologies with the most sophisticated AI tech-nologies such as NLP, Computer Vision, AI-based voice biometrics, Rein-forcement Learning, and Deep Learning. 

Matthew is the principle AI advisor to multiple tech companies spanning BlockChain, Education, Sports, & IoT.  Founded the Applied AI Master-Minds (over 5000 members) and is a Data Science Strategy Consultant. 

Matthew frequently speaks at AI & Tech conferences and invites you to join him to be architects of the future, not its victims, unite with his mission to simplify the future and to build AI for Good.